Barry Gian James

Bioinformatic Scientist

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Barry Gian James

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Erie, CO, USA



Southern New Hampshire Graduate School

Game Design and Development Program

MS Information Technology

AUGUST 2012 - JAN 2014

Program: Game Design and Development.
Areas of Research: MMO Networking, Affective Computing, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Object-Oriented Game Design

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

BA Molecular, Cellular Biology

AUGUST 2006 - MAY 2009

Major: MCDB. Minor: Evolutionary Biology. Concentrations: Human genetics, RNA-to-DNA evolution,  modeling the dynamcs of life, insect anatomy and physiology, phytoevolution, biochemistry, molecular processes of cancer and aging, microbial biofilm genetics and quorum sensing. Graduate level work in microbial physiology and bioinformatics.
GPA: 3.45  Major GPA: 3.98

Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, CO

AS Biology

JUNE 2003 - AUGUST 2005

Major: Biology Concentrations: Human anatomy and physiology I & II, histology, leading cadaver lab lectures, microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology.
GPA: 3.88

Kennedy-Western University, Cheyenne, WO

MS Computer Science

FEBRUARY 1996 - MAY 2001

Major: Computer Science. Distance learning. Concentrations: Affective computing, cognitive structure of emotions, microkernel operating systems, object oriented analysis and design, software engineering, object-oriented architectures with C++, AI search algorithms, compiler construction.
GPA: 3.75

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

AUGUST 1992 - MAY 1993

Major: Psychological Anthropology. Physical and cultural anthropology, folklore, culture of emotions, and graduate-level coursework in psychological anthropology.